Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I am pleased to report that I have completed the first chapter (and 1600 words) of my current work in progress. So yep, I'm writing. Well, not right now. Right now I'm blogging. Which is a form of writing, so hey, guess what? I'm writing!

And 'cause I've got some actually started, I can share a little bit about my story. Paranormal PI.

Carlie Barnes works hard at paranormal debunking. She’s learned that most of the ‘ghosts’ she’s encountered can be explained away by the real world. But sometimes there are spirits out there and it’s the living that cause the most trouble. Like the guy in the condo upstairs, who’d rather walk on glass than admit she might be right. She’d like to cross him off her list as just another uptight yuppie, but she can’t. He’s hired her to investigate an old federal bunker. Try as she might, she simply can’t ignore his sexy blue eyes that threaten to send her libido into a tailspin and her panties into a bunch.

Michael Denton is a scientist. He believes in what he can see, touch, and feel. And he doesn’t want to feel Carlie Barnes. As far as he’s concerned, she’s a con artist who preys on people's fears and bilks them out of their hard earned money to satisfy those fears. So why does she makes his pulse race and his palms sweat by just being in the same room?

But science dictates that opposites attract, and when they do, fighting the inevitable is just as difficult as believing in ghosts and hotter than a beaker above a Bunsen burner.

Whatcha think? Am I on to something? Or just satisfying my inner geek? 

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  1. This sounds great! I love the idea of a male scientist and a heroine who is his opposite. I can see the sparks flying.