Sunday, 13 September 2015

The latest and greatest

Wow, does time fly!

New Prints in Old Calico is doing very well these days. There is an electronic version (Kindle/Kobo/Apple, etc) and an audio book , and now there is a paperback version! It's all very exciting.

I haven't been to a reader event in such a long time, so I was really excited about going to When Words Collide event in Calgary AB in August.  I was at the publisher's table in the vending room on the Saturday, and was happily signing copies of New Prints in Old Calico. Doing it all over again September 20, at the Word on the Street festival in Lethbridge, AB. Again, come on by and I'll sign copies for you!

I'm working on a couple of new projects that have got my attention right now. First, I'm back to investigating shadows and ghosts with Carlie Barnes, my intrepid paranormal investigator in another rom com adventure! I've also been sweet talked into writing an as of yet unnamed sequel to New Prints in Old Calico. This time it will be Chet Bowman's story, with his new love interest, Lil the saloon barkeep that befriended Amy. Chet is the rancher whose brother was hung for a crime he didn't commit by then marshal Austen Riley, so he's a little broken and needing to find both revenge and solace. I'm in the plotting and scheming stages right now, figuring out how I can torture this poor man a little more before allowing his aching heart to heal.

I'll post updates on both those projects as time goes forward. One of my author friends is daring me to get at least one of them done by year end! Yikes!

Eh, November is coming. Maybe I'll give Nanowrimo a whirl this year.

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