Monday, 9 January 2017

A New Me

No, I didn't have surgery to change anything about me, but if you've noticed, I've made a decision to change my pen name going forward. A huge decision, since I've been Jennifer Lynn for the last 25 years of my writing career.

Lately, I've had numerous people email me, and it's not me they're looking for. You see, there's a couple other Jennifer Lynn's who've started publishing as well, and one of them publishes a genre that I'm not entirely comfortable with. Now I'm not disparaging that author's chosen genre, but it's definitely not something I write. I've tried to have my books 'unlinked' from hers but Amazon's (et al) automated search will not recognize the difference in authors. Anyone looking for my work has to wade through pages and pages of these other Jennifer Lynn's.  And I doubt this is going to change anytime soon, if ever at all.

So while talking to a friend of mine, who happens to be an author as well, we both agreed that perhaps it was time.  When my next work comes out, which is my Carlie Barnes story (tentatively called Hide 'n Spook) it'll be under my brand new me.

And since my brand new me has moved to a wonderful little town called Climax (isn't that a fantastic place for a romance writer to be from?), what better time than to start anew?

'Til next time,


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