Friday, 20 January 2017

Kobo Sale!

Right now, two of my books are on sale at Kobo for 30% off! Officially at  you can find my books in the romance section at Breathtaking Romance using Promo code: 30JAN  . 

Right now, Signed Sealed and Delivered is on page 5, and Rebel Heart is on page 6, but those pages change as sales go up or--heaven forbid--down! The sale goes until January 23, so lots of time to check it out yet.

There is also a 50% off sale for Rebel Heart going on at Smashwords right now, as well. This one goes until January 26. Use coupon code AB75W at Smashwords .

On January 26, New Prints In Old Calico goes on promotion at Kobo UK for their 200 under £2 event.

So much going on, and I am anticipating another promotion in February, but I'll keep you updated on that as I hear more. 

Exciting times in the Lynn household!  I'm almost finished the first draft of Hide 'n Spook, which means onto the second draft. Since I'm an editing maniac, there isn't a lot to do on the second or third pass, except for fleshing out a few scenes here and there.  

The other thing I'm working on is finishing the plotting for Calico 2 (my so far un-named sequel to New Prints in Old Calico), and I am starting to put together the characters who will be in my new contemporary romance series, set in my new home town of Climax, Sk. Seriously, can you imagine the shenanigans that could (and do) go on in a small town called Climax? Oooo, could be some great fun!  Stay tuned, I'm going to ask for help naming the series soon!

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